Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


At the time of booking a £200 non-refundable deposit is required. This amount will be deducted from the total rental charge. Once the reservation is confirmed, an invoice will be issued by email notifying you of the date by which the remaining balance is to be paid.

4 weeks prior to the rental period the remaining balance must be paid in full. Where bookings are made less than 4 weeks in advance the full rental amount is due at the time if booking.

The remaining balance may be paid by bank transfer or online via a payment link or telephone by debit or credit card, all balances are inclusive of VAT .

Stravaig Motorhome rental reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment is not made 4 weeks prior to the rental period.

All bookings are inclusive of the standard vehicle insurance and breakdown cover ( breakdown cover to cover mechanical faults to the base chassis of the vehicle. Any call out charges necessitated by the hirer through operator error, eg – flat battery, and tyre puncture will be the responsibility of the hirer).


Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the price of the rental which covers the motorhome and its equipment only.

The period of insurance is only from the contracted period of rental. Any late return or driving by non named drivers would invalidate the insurance and constitute a traffic offence under the Road Traffic Act.

The named driver/hirer will be liable for any damage to the Motorhome, personal injuries, 3rd party property, 3rd party injures and other related injuries or damage after the insurance expiry date and time.

It is the driver’s responsibility to provide full information on any driving convictions or health restrictions. The insurance will be invalidated if the hirer or driver misrepresents or withholds driving convictions or health restrictions information.

Should an insurance policy become invalidated for any reason, Stravaig Motorhome Rentals (known as the company throughout this agreement) will hold the hirer responsible for all fines, loss, damages and other costs associated with the rental.

It may be required to discuss with our insurers at the time of booking any license endorsements or restrictions to ensure their requirements are met.

Our insurance policy does not cover the following and we are unable our rent our Motorhomes to:

  1. Any person convicted of an offence in connection with the driving of a motor vehicle/cycle and or have had their license endorsed or suspended or more than 6 penalty points spread over two offences.
  2. Any person who has had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/ or special insurance terms imposed as a result of a claim, or any person who has had their insurance cancelled by a motor insurer.
  3. Any person who whilst driving has been involved in more than one accident in the last 3 years.
  4. Any person who may have a mental or physical impairment, who suffers fits or a heart complaint.
  5. Any person with professional entertainment, professional sports, racing or professional gambling.
  6. Any person carrying other people for hire or reward or hire or rehire.

The hirer acknowledges and agrees that the above are the terms of hire. We reserve the right to cancel the rental if, when collecting the vehicle, the drivers licences are invalid or not according to the conditions set out. The hirer will forfeit any payment made and no refunds whatsoever will be carried out. We will not be responsible or cover any costs including accommodation or car hire as a result of the cancellation of the hire where the above driving licence and insurance conditions were breached.

An excess payable by the hirer is applied to all rentals of £1250 and will be used to cover any costs to us as a result of damage or theft claimed on the vehicle. The following items are not covered by our insurance and chargeable on a case by case basis: damage or repairs deemed necessary as a result of abnormal, deliberate or negligent acts. Damage to the bike rack, television & aerial, lost or broken keys, damage to the windscreen, mirrors and glass, punctures or blowouts or damage to road wheels, damage above windscreen height (2m) or vehicle break-in or vandalism.

Driving Licence and Documentation Requirements

For UK holders we require a copy of valid full UK licence which must have been held for at least 2 years, to be uploaded to us in advance of the rental which must show an up to date address. In addition 2 proofs of address dated within the last 90 days. The primary proof of address must be a utility bill ( electricity, water, gas, broad band, Council Tax )We will also require a code from DVLA to show any endorsement/penalty points. This is available from the government web site and we will send you a link to obtain this before the rental period. The secondary proof of address must be either a bank or interest statement, credit card bill or statement or a mortgage statement.

For EU & EEA licence holders they must upload a copy of valid full drivers license, a passport or national ID card. A utility bill, bank statement or official government letter dated within the last 90 days.

For USA/CAN/AUS/NZ we need a copy of an international driving license allowing you to drive vehicles up to 3500kg, as well as a passport or National ID card. A copy of a utility bill, bank statement or copy of an official government letter dated within the last 90 days. (Note: International driving licences issued in the UK are not valid in the UK).

Documents must be uploaded and sent to us before the commencement of the rental to documents@gostravaig.com.

The original driving licence of all names drivers MUST be produced at vehicle collection.

No person other than the drivers named in the Hire Agreement may drive the rented vehicle. If it is discovered than an uninsured driver is driving the Motorhome, then the rental will cease immediately. For the avoidance of doubt if we have not seen, verified and recorded the license details on the Rental Agreement then the driver is uninsured and unauthorised to drive the vehicle.

All named drivers must be over 25 and under 75 during the entire rental period.

In the case of additional drivers being added to the rental agreement, they must also bring their driving licence to be checked at commencement of the rental.


There are no mileage restrictions for the duration of the rental.

Smoking Policy

We have a very strict no smoking policy in all of our motorhomes. This ensures a safe and pleasant environment for all our customers. If there is any evidence of smoking in the vehicle a £300 penalty will apply.

Pet Policy

We only accept one well behaved dog in our Cassiopeia motorhome and must be declared at the time of booking. Evidence of dogs in any of our other motorhomes will incur a £200 sanitation charge to ensure we keep these vehicles allergy free for other customers. 

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your booking please contact us as soon as possible. All booking deposits are non-refundable. We strongly recommend that all clients purchase separate travel insurance at the time of booking to cover unforeseen events.

If you cancel between 2 & 4 weeks of your booking, 50% of the total charge will be retained.

If you cancel within 2 weeks of your hire then 100% of the booking cost will be retained.

Government Travel Restrictions

If any government travel restrictions are imposed during the rental period affecting your rental, you will be entitled to a full refund or the change the dates of the booking.

Leaving a vehicle

Free outdoor parking is available at our motorhome premises for the duration of the rental period at the hirer’s own risk. We can also offer indoor parking for a small charge, again at the hirers own risk.

Collecting and Returning the Motorhome

The vehicle collection time is from 14.00 hrs until 15.30. You will be given a full demonstration of how to operate all features of the vehicle both internally and externally. Both photographic and video recording can be taken to record the condition of the vehicle and any damage it may have before leaving.

Vehicle return time is 10.00, in order to prevent disappointment for the next customer and to allow us time to thoroughly clean the Motorhome, and rectify any defects, a penalty will be imposed for the late return of the vehicle (see Post Rental Charges).

There is no refund for the early return of the Motorhome.

The Motorhome must be returned with the toilet and water tank (grey water) emptied and flushed out. Please note we do not have facilities to do this at our depot. A penalty will be incurred if this is not carried out (refer to post rental charges ). We also reserve the right to impose a valet charge if the vehicle is returned in a condition unsuitable for habitation.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit of £1250 payable by credit or debit card must be paid at the time of collection and is to be done by chip & pin. The amount will be debited immediately on collection. The hirer irrevocably authorises Stravaig Motorhome Rental Ltd to deduct from the security deposit any amounts due, should the terms and conditions set out be breached. Stravaig Motorhome Rental Ltd reserves the right to increase the security deposited when deemed necessary. The security deposit will be returned within 7 days of the end of the rental provided the vehicle is returned to the correct location at the agreed time and date in the same condition when the rental commenced. It must be reasonably clean, with undamaged tyres, tools and accessories with the fuel at the same level as the vehicle was taken at the commencement of rental.The motorhome must have been used in a reasonable, responsible and respectful manner. We do not accept cash, prepaid cards, pay as you go cards or cheques for the security deposit. We offer an optional waiver to reduce this damage deposit to £500.


The motorhome includes all crockery, kitchen equipment, toilet chemicals and paper, electrical hooks ups, parking levellers, outdoor table & chairs, children car seats, a bike rack and a full 6.5 kg LPG bottle. We can supply bedding and additional LPG as an optional extra .

Fuel Policy (Oil & Ad Blue)

The motorhome will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank of fuel. Please see post rental charges if it is not returned full.

The engine oil, water level and tyre pressures will be checked before leaving on your rental but must be checked by the hirer on rental durations of two weeks or more.

Ad-Blue will be topped up before each rental, however, it is the responsibility of the hirer to top this up if needed during the hire. This can be bought from all fuel stations.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown, a full recovery services available and the number will be provided at collection. Breakdown due to a puncture is not covered by our standard policy, and the hirer shall be solely responsible for the repair.


Damage caused to mirrors, windscreens or lights are not covered by our standard insurance and the hirer is solely responsible for the costs of repair or replacement ( see post rental charges)


You will be proved with one set of keys for the vehicle and they are the responsibility of the hirer at all times. If the event of loss of the keys the hirer will be responsible for all costs in getting the vehicle returned to the rental location and obtaining a new set of keys, as well as any other costs associated with the loss. It is strictly forbidden to make a copy of the keys, and the key must not be left in the ignition when the vehicle is unoccupied.


In the unfortunate event of an accident, the hirer shall when able to inform both the police and Stravaig Motorhome Rental Ltd. They must not admit liability and must fill out the accident report form provided and provide a diagram of the accident. You must obtain the names and addresses of all parties involved, and you must not abandon the vehicle.

Children’s Car Seats

Regulations govern the use of child car seats in the UK and require children travelling in the vehicle to use restraints at all times when the child is under 135cm or 12 years of age. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that children are seated in the appropriate car seats. We have a limited number of car booster seats available on a first-come first come service free of charge and upon prior request ( not suitable for very young children).

Vehicle Use

Stravaig Motorhome Rental reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions or any other reasonable cause.

Each person is use safety restraints while the vehicle is in motion.

No alterations or additions will be made to the vehicle during the rental period.

The vehicle will not be used for any illegal purpose, rally, race or contest.

The hirer is not permitted to take the vehicle outside of the UK & Northern Ireland. If the vehicle is taken outside the UK or to Southern Ireland the insurance is invalid.

The vehicle must not be taken off-road under any circumstance apart from the official campsite and designated camping places.

The vehicle must not be used to tow any vehicle or trailer, and must not be used to carry people for hire or reward.

The vehicle must not carry more persons than is permitted by any relevant authority or detailed in the vehicle manual or specified in the rental agreement, and must never be driven overloaded.

The vehicle must not be used to carry volatile liquids, gases (other than the LPG bottles fitted) explosives, or other corrosive or flammable material.

The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle and its contents caused by improper use or accidental damage. Any damage to the interior of the vehicle, fixtures, fittings, living or cooking equipment will be charged to the hirer in all cases. No claims for the loss or damage to personal belongings or effects of the hirer or any persons will be considered.

The hirer is required to keep the vehicle under their control throughout the rental period and keep the vehicle locked at all times while unattended. Charges will be applied for getting locked out of the vehicle. The key must not be left in the ignition while it is unoccupied.

When left unoccupied the vehicle should be left with blinds and curtains closed for added security.

The vehicle must always be driven in a prudent and cautious manner, never in excess of 70 mph and never whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The vehicle should never be driven in areas it may come into contact with salt water, driven on a beach, or be submersed by water.

The hirer acknowledges on commencement of the rental that the vehicle is free from any defects or damage other than those recorded. A video and photographs will be taken at the time of rental showing any existing damage or defects. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was received at the start of the rental period.


We will endeavour to ensure that the vehicle reserved is available at the agreed time & date. However if the vehicle booked is damaged beyond repair and no replacement is available, or the vehicle is not returned in time by the previous hirer we reserve the right to return the money paid by the hirer in full with no further liability. We are not to be held responsible for any costs you have incurred including the cost of flights, train tickets, car rental or overnight accommodation.

If our vehicles are returned damaged and we are unable to repair in time we may need to offer a substitute vehicle . If this vehicle is not acceptable to you or if no vehicle is available then we will refund all sums paid. The liability will be limited to the refund of the money paid and the hirer will have no further claims against us. We strongly recommend to insure against unavoidable cancellation.

Penalties & Fines

Any fine incurred by the hirer or names drivers due to infringing traffic laws or regulations are the complete liability of the hirer or named driver and must be paid in full on receipt of any charge or notice. If during or after the rental period we relieve notices in respect of penalties, fines or charges but not limited to speeding, parking fines and congestion charges then an administration fee will be charged (see post rental charges ) in addition to the cost of the penalty fine or charge.

Limitation of Liabilities

We accept no liability for replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation or any other costs that arise from the breakdown the motorhome, or because of any accident or other such related causes.

The Motorhome and its contents remain the property of Stravaig Motorhome Rentals at all times, and the hirer shall no sublet, assign, please or grant a lien over the vehicle and its contents.

Stravaig Motorhome Rentals reserve to right to change the rates and conditions of rental at any time and to decline hire to any person at any time without reason. We reserve the right to change the vehicle when necessary.

We reserve the right to reclaim any motorhome we regard as being misused or had multiple accident damage during the hire, recovering all incurred expenses from the hirer.

Post Rental Charges 

We really want you to enjoy your holiday, but want you to respect our Motorhome and its contents.

We will endeavour to do out best to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the motorhome before you leave on your holiday, and we are aware that for many people it will be the first time driving such a large vehicle, so we will offer you as much guidance as we can.

Before driving away please ensure all vents, skylights, hatches and windows are closed and secure, check the gas is switched off and the power lead is unplugged and stowed away.

When reversing we suggest you ask a responsible passenger to guide you from the outside, making sure they are fully visible to you in the mirrors and take particular care with wing mirror and lights. 

In the event of an accident or any damage to the vehicle please inform us as soon as possible and always within 24 hours so we can order parts to be fitted straight away on your return,  this avoids delays for the next customer. Please don’t wait until your return to tell us about damage.

The motorhome MUST be returned with the interior in a similar condition as when the rental commenced, including the toilet ( which must be emptied and cleaned ), shower, upholstery, cutlery, cooking utensils, oven, hob and grill.

The motorhome must be returned back to us emptied of personal possessions and in a clean state at 10.00am, unless you have been advised of a different time. Please do not return the vehicle at 10.00am and start to unload. Please also be mindful of the distance and driving time from the last campsite.

Below is a summary of post rental charges that will apply if the vehicle and its contents are not returned in the same condition as at the start of the rental. Please note these charges are subject to VAT at 20%.

We really don’t want to ruin the end of your holiday by having to impose charges, so please ensure the motorhome and its equipment are returned in the same condition as when it was handed to you, as well as observing the return times. This also ensures our next customer gets to enjoy their holiday without being delayed.

The collection time is between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm and the return times are between 08.30 am to 11.00 am. Late returns are charged at a minimum fee of £100 for any late return up to 1 hour and £200 over 1 hour late.

An earlier collection time may be possible subject to availability and confirmation in writing. We have a strict no late return policy to avoid disappointment for the next hirer.

The motorhome will be full of diesel at commencement of the rental, and we require it to be returned full of diesel. Any shortfall in Diesel will be charged at £1.75 per litre and a refuelling charge of £25 will be applied. There is a refuelling station close the the drop off location.

The waste water tank (grey water) will be empty upon collection. The tank must be returned empty and disposed of responsibly. If the waste water tank is not returned empty a £50 charge will be applied.

The toilet cassette will be clean and empty on collection of the vehicle. The cassette MUST be returned emptied, clean and disposed of responsibly. A £100 charge will be applied if the toilet cassette is not clean & emptied. You will be shown how to do this before leaving with the vehicle and please note there are NO facilities to empty the cassette at our drop off location.

The motorhome must be clear of personal possessions, bedding, rubbish, food etc, disposed of responsibly or a £50 charge will be imposed.

The vehicle should be returned with the interior clean and in a similar condition as when it was handed to you, including but not limited to the toilet, floors, upholstery, cutlery, cooking utensils, oven ,fridge , hob and grill. A £100 cleaning charge will be applied any of these are returned in an excessively dirty condition. Excessive sand must also be removed.

A full 6.5KG bottle (plus the contents of the previous rental bottle) of LPG is included in the cost of the rental used for heating and hot water, and this may be returned empty. The LPG bottles must always be returned in the same condition as supplied. A £100 charge will be applied in the event the bottle/s are damaged or missing, and a £50 charge for loss or damage to the bottle refill connector .

The motorhome will come equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher & fire blanket, outdoor table and chairs and television & aerial . If any of these are damaged or missing they will be charged at £75 each or £300 for the television.

Any missing kitchen items will be charged for at £5 each (£3 for cutlery) including but not limited to cups, plates, kitchen utensils and £15 for larger kitchen items such as pans.

If there is evidence of smoking in the vehicle on return a charge of £300 will be incurred.

If there is evidence of pets in the vehicle on return a £200 valet charge will be applied.

Parts & Damage not covered by Insurance

The damages below are non insurable, and we recommend you take out an additional 3rd party insurance to refund any charges that may be made in the event of returning the vehicle damaged. 

At commencement of the hire any pre existing exterior & interior damage will be recorded and acknowledged by Stravaig Motorhome Rental on the pre hire check list, as well as by video and photo evidence. If new damage is evident when the vehicle is returned the charge may be deducted from the security deposit or charged to the credit/debit card details provided on the cardholder authorisation form.

Damage to the wing mirror unit incurs a replacement charge of £399. 

Damage to rear light clusters incur a replacement fee of £349

Damage to wheel arches will be charged a replacement fee of £199

Damage to alloys will be assessed on an individual basis as well as punctures to the body work.

Cracked or damaged habitation windows insure a charge of £399 per window

Habitation window scratches incur a repair fee of £50

Habitation body marks (dints , scuffs, light scratches) incur a charge of £50 per scratch, dint or scuff.

Skylight window damage incurs a replacement fee of £399 per skylight window.

Skylight damage for damage to operating mechanism incurs a repair fee of £100.

Damage or soiling of habitation blinds and curtains incurs a replacement fee of £150.

Any damage to overhead is considered negligent and the  Motorhome is not covered by insurance or the optional waiver and will be assessed on an individual basis . The hirer will be responsible for the cost of the full repair.

Replacement or repair of the windscreen (including any cracks) wheels and bike rack will be charged at the full replacement cost, as well as damage to or the loss of keys. 

Fresh water tank contamination by diesel (ie putting Diesel into the water supply costs up to £6000 to rectify, this cannot be covered by our isurance or our insurance waiver and the hirer will be responsibile for all costs associated with it.

An administration charge of £25 will be payable in the event of any post rental traffic penalty charges or fines. 

A time off road fee will apply to vehicle when damage takes the vehicle off the road in order to cover lost revenue due to damage caused by the hirer, This is charged at £140 per day plus VAT, the maximum charge will be 5 days.

Damage to the interior  table top, leg or hinge are subject to a replacement fee of £199.

Interior light damage will carry a £50 replacement fee each.

Interior scrapes and scuffs are subject to a £45 repair charge.

Damage to the drop down beds will be charged on an individual basis.

Soiling of bedding and mattress which results in them having to be replaced will be charged on an individual basis to cover the cost of replacement .

Damage caused to the vehicle which is not covered by our insurance as detailed above, the hirer will be responsible for the full cost. (The hirer is responsible for all costs for damage to the overhead cab or contamination of the fresh water system). This includes damage done by a third party. We will endeavour to assist fully with any such claim against a third party in order to reimburse this amount to the hirer. 

All charges will be subject to 20% VAT

We endeavour to provide you with a faultless motorhome, however sometimes problems will arise whilst the vehicle is on hire. We will do our best to try and  resolve any issue whilst the vehicle is on hire to you.

Please report any problems, faults or damage as soon as possible to us. If we are unable to resolve a problem we will provide compensation for the following situations involving the equipment listed – Air Conditioning, leisure battery, fridge, hob/grill/oven, heating, hot & cold water, inoperative shower inoperative toilet ,water leaks & Ingress, radio & TV. The amount of compensation will be applied at £5 per full day from when the fault was reported to the return date, and will be paid with the return of the security deposit. All claims must be made in writing or via email to Stravaig Motorhome Rentals Ltd.