Responsible Motorhome & Campervan Hire

The video below has been produced by Visit Scotland and highlights the responsible use of motorhome & campervan hire in Scortland, helping customers to get the most from their trip. Please also note that access rights in Scotland do not include motor vehicles, so if a public or private land owner restricts it or prohibits parking on their land, then you must comply.

Responsible Tourism & Campsites

At Stravaig Motorhome rental we are aware there has been a big increase in last 5 years of camping & motorhoming in the Scottish Highlands. This impacts the local residents, country side ,and ecology. We encourage all our customers to familiarise themselves with the “open access code” so we can keep these spectacular places beautiful for everyone to enjoy and live in, and for the local residents to continue to make us all welcome. Additionally we strongly recommend you stay in proper campsites which provide facilities to allow you to dispose of waste and grey water in a responsible manner. We have listed some campsites below found on the most popular routes. These campsites get booked up quickly so we recommend you book early.



Be a responsible Traveller

If you are travelling in a motorhome or caravan around Scotland, it is always advised that you use official campsites or designated overnight parking areas. This will help preserve Scotland’s natural landscape and reduce as much disruption to local resident areas as possible.

There are hundreds of campsites in scenic coastal or beach spots across the country, complete with facilities and docks for your motorhome too.

Remember to:

Always take your rubbish home with you.

Keep a safe distance from any land management operations.

Never intentionally or recklessly disturb or destroy a plant, bird, animal or geological feature.

Don’t damage or disturb cultural heritage sites

Motorhome Waste Disposal

No-one likes to see waste left beside the roadside and it is your responsibility to ensure you leave no trace of your travel and dispose of your motorhome waste in the correct manner.

Stravaig Motorhome rental will ensure you know how to empty your waste disposal  correctly and there are a number of campsites and places around Scotland  that you can dispose of your chemical waste and grey water (even if you are not staying there).

Many Campsites will allow you to dispose of waste when staying at them and charge a small fee if not staying at them but will still allow disposal. For locations on where to dispose of waste please visit the following web site which is regularly updated 

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Scottish Outdoor Access Code in Scotland means you can go on to most land to enjoy the outdoors – as long as you behave responsibly. This is known as Scottish access rights and is different to the position in England and Wales. When you are enjoying the outdoors, you must follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Scottish access rights apply, for example, to hills and moors, forests and woods, beaches and the coast, rivers and lochs, parks and some types of farmland. There are also some common-sense exceptions, including houses and gardens, other buildings and their yards or compounds, school grounds and places which charge for entry. Access rights include things like walking, cycling, climbing, horse-riding, kayaking, swimming and watching wildlife, but do not include things like shooting, fishing or access with motor vehicles. 

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code is based on three key principles

 • Respect the interests of others.

• Care for the environment.

• Take responsibility for your own actions.

For more information on the code click here.