Hire a Kayak


We spent yesterday in the beautiful spring sunshine at Lubnaig Loch close to Calendar in the Trossachs, trying out our new inflatable 2 man Kayak to see if it would be suitable to make available for your campervan hire holiday. It exceeded expectations, it packs well into its bag and although just a manual pump was provided we purchased a good quality electric pump which meant we were on the water within 15 minutes . The kayak is really sturdy and we were comfortable in it for over two hours on the Loch.

The pump also features a deflate function which quickly allowed us the deflate it .

It is brilliant fun and we provide the electric pump which can be plugged into the 12v of the motorhomes garage, and both childrens and adult life jackets to ensure your safety..

There is plenty of room in the garage of the campers to store the Kayak, and there are lots of motorhome campsites that are located around and close to Lochs to allow you to Kayak which I will add to the web site .

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